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Our Orthodontic services will give you the smile you have always wanted. Correcting your teeth will not only make you look better, but will improve your overall oral health. This will save you time and money you would otherwise spend when ignoring dental issues for too long. It is important to come in for your regular check-ups so that any procedure we do is quick and painless.

Orthodontic problems such as crooked or misaligned teeth (also known as a malocclusion) are more than cosmetic issues. If left untreated, they can even lead to more serious problems down the road. At Hillfield Pediatric & Family Dentistry, we’re proud to offer dentistry for children and braces for any ages. Contact us today to schedule your first appointment and learn more!

Braces are a wire-based procedure where the wire is manipulated to correct your teeth. They also help to align your jaw to ensure proper functioning when you open and close your mouth. It is important that your teeth line up correctly, especially when you bite down. Our modern materials and use of technology make having braces much more bearable than they were in the past.

When Should My Child Get Braces?

Children should wait until all their permanent teeth have come in before receiving orthodontic treatment. For most children, this happens around six or seven years of age. It is best to have your child’s teeth evaluated by the time they are seven. During your child’s first appointment, our skilled orthodontist will observe his or her teeth and determine which type of orthodontic treatment will be necessary. By bringing them in at an early age, any work they may need done will be minimal compared to waiting until they are older. 

What Can Orthodontics Treat?

Orthodontic treatments are often necessary to treat a wide variety of oral health concerns. Our Orthodontists treat important issues that only they are qualified to perform and monitor. They are able to treat underbites and overbites which relate directly to the jaw. Underbites occur when the lower teeth extend beyond the upper teeth. An overbite occurs when the upper teeth protrude too far over the lower teeth. As a more obvious treatment, our orthodontists treat crooked and misaligned teeth. This occurs with teeth that are crowded, spaced too far apart, or are other improperly aligned inside the mouth. When left untreated, any of these conditions can lead to problems such as increased enamel erosion, TMJ disorder, difficulty speaking and eating, jaw pain, and more.

Am I Too Old for Braces?

It’s never too late for orthodontic care. More and more adults choose to straighten their teeth every year. Fortunately, orthodontic advancements allow for more treatment options than ever before, meaning you can still get the smile you’ve always wanted in a more discreet manner than what used to be available. During your first appointment, our orthodontist will help you learn more about your options and decide on the best approach for your needs. It is important to remember that the sooner you begin braces the sooner they will be off. Straightening your teeth will also keep you from facing issues that happen with misaligned teeth. Committing to braces can actually prevent you from getting gum disease in the future.

Orthodontic treatment options can include traditional braces, ceramic braces or clear aligners. All of these are great options. The option that is best for you will be determined after your teeth are thoroughly examined. It is important to bring any concerns you may have about your teeth to our attention. We will also do an x-ray to make sure there are not any underlying issues that are below the gumline and can affect your jaw.
Traditional braces are made of standard metal brackets, These brackets are adhered onto your teeth and each of them is connected by a wire. In order for your teeth to be moved, periodic tightening of the wire is required. This results in a gradual straightening of your teeth and the correct alignment of your jaw.

Ceramic braces only differ slightly from traditional braces. They use clear tooth brackets as opposed to the traditional silver brackets and wires. Patients like ceramic braces because they are less noticeable on your teeth. This can help with self confidence while you are working on correctly your smile. As with traditional braces, they move teeth quickly, especially with severe cases of misalignment or crooked bite.

Clear aligners are also an option for correcting your teeth. We offer Invisalign for patients who want their teeth adjusted without anyone noticing. These aligners require several visits, as you will receive a new aligner about every week. It is also very important that you follow the plan set for you by your Orthodontist to ensure they work in a timely manner. In order to use Invisalign, you must meet certain requirements. You are more limited here because the misalignment of your teeth cannot be overly severe. If they are, you will most likely need to choose between metal or ceramic braces.

The length of treatment varies greatly from patient to patient and may take anywhere from one to several years. We’ll help you learn more about what you or your child can expect during your consultation. We will also create a specific plan so you know what to do between visits. Practicing healthy oral habits at home is half the battle. We will go over how to brush and floss properly when you have braces, and what to look out for between visits that need to be brought to our attention. We are here for you both during and after this process and are eager to help you create a beautiful smile.

Learn More About Our Orthodontics Today

If you are interested in finding out more about the orthodontic treatment options we offer at Hillfield Pediatric & Family Dentistry, we’ll be more than happy to help. Contact our office in Layton to get started! We know that after your first visit, you will see why so many families trust us with all of their dental health needs. 

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