Emergency Dental Services

We understand that some dental problems cannot wait. Our specialists are well versed in emergency dental services and how to treat them. It is very important that our patients know what constitutes a dental emergency and that they contact us right away so that we may treat the problem. We want our patients to be aware that while some dental issues can be postponed until the next day, there are certain circumstances that can actually affect your health.
We consider certain symptoms as a sign that you may have a dental emergency. You should call our office if you are experiencing any of the following:
  1. Severe Pain – If you are experiencing severe pain and any consistent bleeding in your mouth, you need to be looked at right away, as this is rarely a normal thing to experience, even after removing your molars.
  2. Loss of a permanent tooth – If you have lost an adult tooth, coming in for immediate treatment can potentially save your tooth. If you can find your tooth, place it in a small amount of milk and bring it in for possible reattachment. If you can see the root of your tooth, try your best not to touch it.
  3. Loose Teeth – Adult teeth should never feel loose or painful, making loose teeth a serious problem. This is not something you want to ignore once you have noticed it.
  4. Signs of an infection – Signs of an infection can include swelling of your gums and face, which may or may not be accompanied by severe pain. Oral infections are a serious health concern and should be brought to our attention immediately.
  5. Chipped or cracked tooth – Although not all broken teeth are considered an immediate emergency, there are certain things that can make them dangerous. Broken teeth can be painful and sharp fragments of your tooth can cause other problems inside your mouth. It is important you let us know so we can determine the severity of the chip or crack in your tooth.
  6. Toothache accompanied by a fever – When you have a toothache combined with a fever and possible swelling of the gums and face, you most likely need immediate treatment. This issue has potential to become very severe very quickly when not looked at right away.
  7. Abscessed Tooth – A dental abscess is a severe condition. This occurs when a pocket of puss inside a tooth has caused an infection. These symptoms include a fever, sensitivity, persistent toothache, tender lymph nodes, a bump on your gums, and swelling in your face. Addressing this kind of infection quickly is very important, as it can spread to your jaw and even other areas of your body.
  8. Crown or Filling dislodge – If you lose a crown or notice a filling in your tooth has come out, you need to let us know right away. You can usually go a night without treatment depending on the severity of pain you are experiencing, but allowing any more time to pass can cause serious issues.
If you experience any of these symptoms, or a combination of them, you may have a dental emergency. It is important that you call us immediately and describe your symptoms, even if you are not sure of the severity at the time. We are here to help you determine what kind of treatment you need and how soon you need it. Waiting too long to be treated is not worth the risk to your health. Waiting too long to treat dental issues can also end up costing a lot more due to long term damage and infections. Our goal is to keep you healthy and your teeth looking their best by offering quality service in a timely manner.

We like to advise our patients to actively avoid potential dental emergencies . The best way to prevent them is pretty simple. Maintaining a healthy oral hygiene regimen is the best way to avoid serious issues. It is also important to have routine check-ups with us because we can spot potential issues before they have a chance to become worse and spread, causing more severe problems throughout your mouth. We most commonly check for loose fillings and crowns, any signs of infection or gum disease, and early signs of decay. Our experience and tools allow us to find these issues before you may even begin to notice them.

We know that dental emergencies happen. We want to know when they happen to you. Please call us with any questions or concerns you may have. It is always better to consult us first than avoid oral issues or try and treat them yourself.
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