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Our dental hygienists do more than just clean teeth. Our patients enjoy their visits because they feel like part of the family and know they are in experienced hands. Dental hygienists are responsible for both patient care and post-care treatments. Their expertise goes far beyond the basic requirements for dentistry.

Here a some of the things you can expect when meeting our dental hygienists:

Patient Screenings

Our hygienists are the ones who are able to do an exam of your teeth when you first come in. They look at the overall condition and health your teeth and gums are currently in. They can also tell if you are in need of more extensive exams, especially if you have come in because of certain symptoms you may be experiencing.

Patient Education

Our dental hygienists have extensive knowledge that they share with patients on a regular basis. It is part of their job to make sure you have the information you need to take care of your teeth in between visits. It is important that you ask them any and all questions you may have, especially if you have any specific concerns about your teeth. They are also great at putting our patients at ease. We know not everyone likes going to the dentist, but our current patients appreciate how comfortable they feel during their appointments.

Patient Counseling

If you are someone that has not visited the dentist for an extended period of time, you will appreciate visiting with one of our hygienists when you come in for your appointment. We never want you to feel bad or worry based on the current state of your teeth. We are here to help you look and feel better. Our hygienists only care about treating the problems that exist so that you leave with a solution to any issues you may be facing with your teeth.

X-Rays and Impressions

Our dental hygienists also perform x-rays during your visit. These x-rays are a completely painless procedure that can be done very quickly. They may also take impressions of your teeth, whether it be one specific tooth or all of them. Impressions are painless and usually taken to create dentures, implants or other oral creations. Many of our younger patients really like getting impressions taken because they get to see what all their teeth look like in a mold.

Why schedule a visit with one of our dental hygienists?

Healthy Gums

Regular visits will help you avoid gum disease. Gum disease shows itself through painful bleeding gums, bad breath, and even loose adult teeth. By catching signs of gum disease early, you will avoid the possibility of losing any of your teeth. Our hygienists can stop gum disease and even reverse it once it starts. The sooner you get checked for these symptoms the better, both for your own health and the high costs that result from ignoring these symptoms.

Our patients sometimes ask us what to look out for in between visits that may be signs of gum disease. An early sign of gum disease is blood in your spit after you have brushed and flossed your teeth. We advise our patients to brush and floss their teeth twice a day, if not more, with a soft toothbrush. Using a hard toothbrush is not good for your gums and may cause bleeding that is not actually associated with gum disease. When you buy your next toothbrush, make sure it says ‘soft’ on the container. When you do come in for your regular cleanings, our hygienists will use the tools to remove the plaque and tartar you cannot always get to at home.
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Fresh Breath

No one wants to have bad breath. We refer to persistent bad breath as Halitosis. What a lot of people do not know is that this condition can be fixed quite easily. Fixing the issue at home is almost impossible because no amount of brushing or flossing will help decrease bad breath. Our dental hygienists can get to the bacteria causing the bad breath. This bacteria is located under the gumline. If you have been experiencing Halitosis, we are here to tell you that we can get rid of it for you. There is no reason for you to suffer through it any longer or let it be an issue of constant worry.

White Smile

Our hygienists are able to remove stains on your teeth caused by certain food, drinks, and tobacco use. Brushing alone cannot make your teeth whiter, and some whitening products are not actually good for your teeth. These products can actually leave your teeth more susceptible to stains. Our whitening products are actually much stronger than what is sold in stores, making one visit much more effective than experimenting with these products at home.


Our hygienists clean your teeth thoroughly and look for signs that you may be developing an oral problem. Their expertise in spotting issues before you even have a symptom keeps you from future pain and paying high costs for oral treatments. They can easily spot signs of gum disease, infections, decay, and fillings that need repair. Detecting oral cancer is also very important because if this type of cancer is detected in its early stages, it can actually be cured.


Above all else, we want our patients to feel confident in their smile. Having a white, healthy smile makes a remarkable difference in our patients attitude and self confidence. Your mouth and teeth are exposed everyday, with every person you meet, and we pride ourselves in making sure your smile is at its best.
Hillfield Pediatric & Family Dentistry knows the importance of having healthy and beautiful teeth, which is why we provide exceptional dental care that you can rely on
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